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When an old parchment was found inside a copy of Alice in Wonderland in a second-hand bookshop, everything about it was a mystery.

Discovered to be an Elizabethan manuscript, this is the enthralling story of its travels from Gildersome, Yorkshire in 1583 to Warrnambool, Victoria in 2014.

It is a journey with so many twists and lucky escapes it should be a novel - but this is a true story.

To interested onlookers at the Tudor court, the birth of a second daughter to Henry VIII, one of the most powerful kings England has ever known, was a non-event. That she would rise to be their queen was unthinkable.

But Elizabeth I reigned for almost forty-five years and was loved by her subjects. Halfway through her reign, in a rural location in West Yorkshire, a scribe acknowledged Elizabeth as monarch on the document he was preparing.

He couldn't know his words would be read by people more than four centuries later, on the other side of the world.

The rediscovery in a country town in Australia of a sixteenth century manuscript believed destroyed by fire

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A first person narrative, this book is easy to read, written with humour and candour.

A5 size with 185 pages including appendices, maps, bibliography and index.

Printed with numerous full colour photos on high quality paper.

Softcover: stiff card covers with front and back fly leaves.

Published: 9 September 2016

RRP A$40 plus postage ($12 within Australia)

Payment by direct deposit or PayID

Signed copy available on request

For enquiries please email Lorraine:

See our Events page for upcoming PowerPoint presentations of Lorraine's research. The book will be available for purchase at any of Lorraine's talks for $35 ($5 discount given at the talks). Cash or card payments accepted.


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